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Wedding Halls ;)

Hmmmmm... My first time writing something blog-like hehe.. Well I first started to have this idea on writing about this topic since I realized there's not many updates available pasal halls ni. Paling latest I could find was 2013??? Hello, we're already 2016 for God's sake haha.. So here I am :) hopefully it'll be helpful for all b2b in planning out your wedding 😘
Okie... First thing first, me and my mr.fiancΓ©e dah decide to get married in August (yayyyyy 😊). The thing about wedding preparation is... You have to allocate at least a year (I repeat.. a year okayy) to plan your wedding or at least the thing that you have to deal with first is the location.
Well for those who are doing their wedding dkt rumah I think it should be fine but we're planning to combine the reception from both sides so we need a hall.
Dgn semangat b2b yg berkobar2, I started my research on halls that is available for wedding events. Our main focus is area selangor and kl la since we're both from selangor je. From what I can see is almost all the blogs and website that I've visited, they displayed (some websites won't even display the price, you have to call them) a really really old quotation.
So now, I present to you the latest price of the halls that we've contacted (including the gst for some). I'm too lazy to upload many pictures but if you need to view more uncle Google kan ada hehe
Pusat Komuniti Bukit Damansara

This is actually my first choice after viewing sooooooo much of blogs. It's new, it's big, lots of parking and quite convenient as there's a masjid in front of it. They also have changing room for the pengantin to get ready. Okay, a lot of blogs recommended this place, with rate of rm1600 for hall rental and you can rent carpets to cover the parquet as well, with additional cost of course. But all in all maybe we can budget for rm2000. It's very reasonable for me and I called the PIC.
Guess what, they have sub-con the hall to Kuzie Catering (siapa yg x tahu, the catering is by Pak Engku, the one who usually handled retis2 punya wedding. Kalau x silap he did for siti nurhaliza punya wedding as well). Well, tough luck, they no longer rent out the hall on its own. Kalau nak, you have to take his package, rm36 per head (I died a little inside huhuhu). Previously he handled Dewan Cattleya PKPS in S.Alam but I'm not sure what happened to that.
Pusat Komuniti Bdr Tun Razak, TTDI, Manjalara, Lembah Pantai and Keramat

I tried looking for a hall that looks almost like the community hall dkt bukit damansara tu and these are the one that I think is okay enough.
Well the price starts at rm1600 for almost all of the community hall (I can't remember exactly the price but it's more or less around that). The thing about community hall is, a looott of people would go for it (well harga dia affordable kan) and that is why I told you earlier, book a hall at least a year before especially if you wanted community hall. Unfortunately for me, when I called the PIC for these halls, semua fully booked :''(
Banquet Hall MBSA

This hall memang cantik and a lot of bloggers mmg recommend this one. What I've seen is a wide range of prices from blog to blog. Some say rm3000++, some mentioned around rm5000++. So I verified it with the PIC and jeng jeng jeng.. An extreme leap of price. Currently they are charging rm7000++ (nangis lagi huhuhu)
Dewan Jubli Perak S.Alam

This is a one biiiiggg hall. To those yg prefer nk buat seating dome mmg sgt recommended. Hall price, not sure haha.. Because I knew someone who got a bad experience with this hall. Apparently, eventhough you have booked the date, paid the deposit and all; if let say the government service or any anak2 menteri or anyone related to the big fishy in the gov wanted to use the hall, your date will be snatched away mcm tu je.. So it's very very risky (O.o)
Keramat Mall 

This hall looks almost similar with the bukit damansara community hall as they are oval/round in shape. The rate is affordable as well, they charged rm3000 for hall rental (this price I got it from another blog since my call wasn't answered) but the catch is you have to pick the caterer based on their list. Hmmmm I mmg x gemar betul kalau limited choice mcm ni. So this hall mmg pangkah la. But it's a very nice hall though.
Campbell Hall 

This hall is located in the center of KL, dkt area golden triangle tu.. Practically next to Mara building dkt jalan raja laut. This hall is very affordable, RM4720 including gst. And they'll provide the tables and chairs as well together with pa system, projector, lcd, stage, changing room etc. But it can only fit 250 people per session so to me that's a drawback la.. It's quite small for me. But for those yg have guests list x ramai, I honestly think this is a nice hall. Easily accessible as well so senang org nk dtg wedding ;)
MAEPS Hall (hall D) Serdang

Hall sangat cantik but you have to use their caterer.. If not mistaken rm35 per head (rasanya la, I've gone through so many blogs and website and everything dah jadi ABC in my brain). You can visit their website to find out more.
Kampung Pengantin 

This one is actually my favorite.. It's suuuuper beautiful, it makes you feel like you're having a fairy-tale like wedding huhu.. Their concept is *datang and kahwin je* since they'll prepare everything for you. But the price is out of my budget huhuhu but for those who's interested with, they charged rm35-40 per head.

Dewan Siantan 1/2 Putrajaya

This one fits 500pax in one time so it's quite big. They even have Sri Siantan which can fit 1000pax at one time. This hall I didn't call the PIC but from the application form they mentioned the price of each hall. Siantan 1 & 2 will costs you RM4500 and Sri Siantan is rm8500 (I'm not sure whether the price has changed or not though since the form didn't mentioned when it was last updated). The price is good enough for me but there's one thing that I dislike about it. You have to rent their own tables and chairs (no outside tables allowed) but if you're aiming for a covered chair then you need to find it on your own. They don't provide it. Table rm5 per unit and chairs rm3 per unit. Haihhh...
Crystal Ballroom Seri Kembangan

According to the PIC, it's near The Mines. They charged rm5000 (not sure if there's gst or not) for the hall and complimentary tables and chairs for 250pax (w/o cover though), buffet table, doorgift table etc.. You can contact them for further info. One thing to note is their hall has big pillars here and there so it's not to my liking.
Dewan Ar Raha S.Alam

This hall comes with caterer as well, there's 2 vendors actually. Vendor 1 charges rm25 per head all inclusive. Vendor 2 charges rm14.90 only for catering and hall rental. I personally prefer the first vendor though and this is actually my back up plan in case I didn't find any good hall. Vendor 2... Somehow I felt that he was a bit rude while answering my enquiries, and I'm not going to let someone like that to handle my wedding so reject!
Dewan Raja Muda Musa S.Alam

Need to take package as well, if not mistaken rm35 per head.
Dewan Prima LJT Melawati

Handled by Gezal Minhat, they actually have 2 halls, intan and berlian. Intan is more of a contemporary theme while berlian is of garden wedding theme. I only asked about intan, you need to take their package in which they have the same price as Raja Muda Musa hall, rm35 per head. 
Dewan Tabung Haji

This one is still a mystery to me.haha.. Called the number and was answered by the receptionist who then passed it to the 'supposedly' PIC, apparently she connected us to a wrong person who passed it to another person and it lasted for almost 10 min of passing here and there with no success. So the price is still a mystery. However the receptionist did mention in the first place that we need to write an official letter to them to ask permission for the hall renting (such a hassle (-.-)
There's a lot more halls that I can't really remember; JKR Hall,  Felda Hall, The Club Bukit Damansara, KGPA Hall, Guthrie Hall etc.
Now we come to the hall of my choice hehehe. Finally managed to find a good hall with a competitive rate after weeks of searching, blog walking, facebook-ing bla bla bla. It is.... *drumroll please*

Golden Chersonese Hall

Hehe.. This hall is actually located at the 10th floor of Maju Tower at Maju Junction. Not many realized that there's actually a hall there. I've actually came across people talking about this hall here and there but my first assumption that the price might be expensive just by looking at the location itself. I finally dared myself to call the PIC and guess what... It's only rm5830 (including gst)!!! I mean, that's really cheap considering the location and all. Plus they provide almost everything; 35 tables and chairs (it can accommodate 350 people at one time) and with covers as well. There's kitchen for your caterer, changing room, VIP boarding room, they'll provide buffet table, doorgift table, gift table, PA system etc. And they'll even provide signage in the parking area (it's a mall, they have tonnes of parking) for the wedding as well as signage in the mall itself. They'll also provide a flat rate parking of rm5 per entrance so it doesn't matter how long you parked there, it's a fixed rate.
Hehe to be honest I'm very satisfied with the choice I've made and I'm quite lucky to actually came across with this hall  (*w*)
Okiee that's all for now. Next I'll update on my wedding dress hewhew 😘

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